Frequently Asked Questions

Please mail us to support team. support@novedemy.com. You should expect a reply mail by 2-3 working days. 

Mail to support@novedemy.com

Visit  www.novedemy.com Go to  Signup section on the website • Follow the instructions for setting up an account by providing all the important information including then name, contact details, choosing an account name, password, etc. 

Once the account setup is done, you can change the account setting as and when required.

The instructors of our  online courses can benefit in different ways including the flexible work schedules and the opportunity to develop and deliver the instruction in a unique, customized, and a non-traditional format.

It will give the opportunity  to leverage his/her subject matter expertise in the most productive manner.

Attractive payment options and percentage in profit shares. 

Novedemy uses the best of the technology and innovation to help the learners and the authors to drive success for themselves. The platform has the expertise and the resources to create a safe & secure online global learning marketplace for the learners and the authors alike.

Our deep understanding of the individualized & sophisticated needs to learn has enabled us to create engaging and useful modules to help the learners and instructors get on the life-long path to their individual goals in order to attain success in life.

Share the depths of your knowledge in your area of expertise by becoming an author with us! Novedemy offers opportunities for you to sharpen your teaching skills, pursue your passion, and become part of its global pool of experts.

Choose from the expansive array of subject that interest you. Novedemy has courses on any topic that could interest the human mind. This is a wonderful opportunity to become popular with our community of learners.

Choose your Topic: Your interest could be on any topic ranging from Mathematics to Data Science or from food to Academic subjects and many more.

Upload your Video: Prepare a video of a sample lecture and upload it to us. We will review and get back to you.

Grow your Community: What is more satisfying than having learners craving for your teaching? We will connect you to your audience.

Feel free to mail us if you face any problem to upload your courses.